About Us

Hi there.

I’m Susan Patrick, the founder of Maternity Fitwear Ltd., and I want to tell you how I started the company.

My all time favourite thing to do in my spare time is to exercise, so when I was expecting my first child five years ago, I wanted to continue my usual fitness regime. On the advice of my doctor I had to adapt a few of my routines, and that was fine. I loved the benefits of pregnancy exercise.

What I found annoying, though, was that as my bump grew I just could not find any stylish maternity fitness clothing to wear to the gym. By this point I was getting desperate.

I realised that if I was having trouble finding anything to fit me, let alone look good in it, then I was probably not alone. When I told my friends about my predicament, they agreed with me. I did some market research and realised that there was a huge gap in the market.

I became determined to help women everywhere who want to stay fit when they’re pregnant. So I went out and sourced these amazing clothes.

I try all the products in the range myself. I have just had my second child and this time round it was a completely different experience. It was easy - I could just slip on a swimsuit or some sportswear from my own range when I was going to the gym.

And that’s how I created Maternity FitWear Ltd.

Now other active mums to be can have access to a range of high quality, stylish and supportive maternity fitness clothing.

I hope that you enjoy the Maternity Fitwear Ltd. range as much as I do.

Please tell us about your experiences - we welcome feedback from all our active mums to be.

Susan Patrick


Maternity Fitwear Ltd.